The story of Bughrull and Dexter


Bughrull and Dexter are two members of the GMT – generic monkey tribe. While being of the same species, they are pretty much the direct opposite of each other.

Bughrull is a massive, violent ape equipped with a strong jaw line and wide shoulders carved by massive flow of testosterone in his body. He walks around at a leisurely pace, his dull look accompanied by a protruded chest and head pointed upwards. In his presence all the other monkeys gaze down and serve all demands he makes. Bughrull earned a monopoly on violence in GMT thanks to his ability to eliminate all competition with cold brutality and efficiency.

Bughrull gets all his resources through stealing bananas from foraging monkeys. He claims he owns the entire  forest and fills out his leisure time by making up rules for other monkeys, telling them what they can and can’t do, what shapes the harvested bananas must have, how many hours per day they they can look for food and of course how many bananas they have to bring him every day as payment for all the great services he bestows upon the GMT. Monkeys who fail to reach the quotas are thrown in a pit or beaten to death if they ever try to defend themselves.

Dexter is quiet and sharp minded. He spends most of his time thinking and planing, making careful statistics of seasonal banana yields in different regions and building tools that allow him to get ever more bananas with less work. Dexter always minds his own business and only interacts with other monkeys in a voluntary and mutually beneficial manner.

Dexter is forced to give up most of the bananas he harvests every day and hand them over to Bughrull.  Instead of foraging he spends a lot of time every day contemplating ways to protect his bananas from the violent brute. Despite trying a lot of creative methods, he never makes any significant progress. Bughrull employs an army of lackeys who eventually always figure out what Dexter is up to. So he relives day after day, waking up with the knowledge that most of what he produces today will end up supporting the creature he despises the most.

One day an unexpected visitor passes by the GMT forest and approaches Dexter. Wearing a mail of chains, his face indistinct and arms covered with undecipherable tattoos. “I am bringing the gift of Bitcoin”, he says as he passes Dexter a scroll carrying a set of instructions – a protocol. “Follow this protocol and all your bananas will become invisible and untouchable by anyone else”.

With a big dose of skepticism Dexter starts reading out the protocol. The moment he is finished, all his bananas disappear from the sight of other monkeys. Not only are they not visible, they can’t be touched either. When Bughrull finds out he is furious. Smashing everything around him he screams in mad rage, foam coming out of his mouth. He sets out to find Dexter and make an example of him but it’s too late, the protocol has been handed out to other monkeys in GMT. In a desperate attempt to maintain his status he beats Dexter into unconsciousness, but to no avail. His access to free bananas has disappeared forever.

Bughrulls barbaric violence has suddenly completely lost its magic. There will never again be bananas coming out of beating and threatening monkeys who know the protocol. Instead he is faced with the prospect of slow death by starvation or a life of subsistence. Bananas don’t harvest themselves when threatened by fists.

Dexter on the other hand, can for the first time in his life fully focus on increasing his productivity and quality of life instead of defending himself from the attacks of the monster. This gives him pleasure and satisfaction no other monkey can truly comprehend.